DownTown Cyber – The Online City Life Style at its Best.  

We have created a website called “DownTown Cyber”, "The Cyber City Life Style".  Here you will find everything that you might find in cities and towns but rather than drive, you let your "Fingers Do the Walking".  The Computer Age has moved to a web life style but in this case its called Cyber and "The Cyber City Life Style".  We have created a Cyber City environment to serve the needs of all communities for all ages.


DownTown Cyber has grown to become a combination of 4 separate websites.  Each website serves all of the needs of the viewer and hopefully more.  Our websites are:


www.downtowncyber.com  This is the driving website and will guide the viewer towards all areas of the city.  All of the websites below help to create the Cyber City environment and provides the Cyber City Lifestyle Experience.


www.downtowncyber-2.com  This is the National Online Shopping Center.  Everything here is divided into categories of products and services to meet your needs.  You will find Tickets for all major events and shows across the country, including sports events.  Home Improvement, Major and Small Appliances, Computers and Electronics, Men's Women's & Children's Fashions, Fitness Center, Finance & Banking (including Insurance, Loans, Credit Repair/Assistance, Investing, Banking and Federal & State Tax Services).  You name it and you will find it here.


www.downtowncyber-3.com  This is all of the Local Businesses offering products and services in your state or near your home town.  This section is relatively small currently but it is growing and expanding.  We look for local business people to contact us and place their ad with us.


www.downtowncyber.net  This is our Education Center where you will find fun activities for all ages.  We have the History of the United States, Presidents of the United States and their life history.  We have links to NASA, Library of Congress and much, much more.  We have STATE by STATE History and National Parks or points of interest for every state.  If you are looking for places to go on vacation then you may want to check out this section and explore our National Parks and Places of Interest.


We are building this website with maintenance in mind.  Using a simple developmental software we ensure a quick turnaround during its growth as Shopping Centers are built and the Cities become populated with ads.  We will endeavor to make this website with complete functionality and maneuverability.


Where else will you find so many products and services in one place.  Only here on DownTownCyber.COM .  You will be able to shop all stores and compare prices and quality.


All information placed on this website is at the discretion of the owner.  Please be aware that when placing an ad with us it must adhere to our standards of a “G”/ “PG” rating; or for easier reference think “Child Friendly”.  However, the owners have the right to reject any ads they deem inappropriate for this website.


If you are interested in subscribing to our website please email us with your details.  If you are a Government organization or a Non-Profit Group and you have events coming up, please contact us email and we will work with you to get your event advertised.  PLEASE enter in the SUBJECT LINE "DTC ADVERTISE" and anything you want after that.  This will help the owner remove spam and not your message.



NOTE:  DowntownCyber.COM is not responsible for any transactions that you make with any retailers or sellers on this website.  We only advertise the retailer and the product or service being offered and nothing else.  We do not know who the parties are on any side of the transaction.





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