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On this page I will let my Viewers know what is coming up on DownTown Cyber.  Either special products, services or events that you might be interested in checking out.  I will also inform you as new updates are made on the Educational section of this website.

I do hope that you find this website interesting and one of the websites that you will tell you friends, family and associates about.  I can't afford to pay for search engine priorities or placement so its my viewers and your referrals that help increase my viewer base.

Updated:  12/21/2018

During this time of year it is the Shopping section of this website that is the most busiest for me.  I have over 500++ Retailers that I advertise for and they constantly want changes almost on a daily basis.  The good news is for my viewers, when you shop on DownTown Cyber you get to price match the various retailers to select either the best price or the best quality product.  I try to make sure that any retailer you click on will open in a separate window.  By having these split into separate tabs or windows it give you the viewer the opportunity to see the same product by the various retailers window, by window.  I do my shopping this way, especially when I shop for batteries or for products that to I want to compare.  So enjoy your shopping experience and always remember to come to DownTown Cyber to get to all of your retailers.

Updated:  06/21/2019

I just added some Local Retailers to the California, City Cyber Torrance & Los Angeles locations.  If you live, work or visiting in Torrance or L.A. please check out the Local Retailers.  They are located in the State-by-State advertisers section or Local Advertising Section.

Updated:  06/21/2019

California currently is the most populated local advertiser.  Probably because I live in California and I have access to a lot of businesses.  However, I would like to get more advertising going in all of the states.  So if you own a business and you are interested in advertising on my website, please go to the Contact US section and contact me.

Adult Only Advertising is also available but not on this website.  I do have other websites that are Adult Only websites and I can advertise your business there if you have an Adult Only business.  Since this website is a "G" Rated website I will not mention the names of the Adult websites here.  Contact me for details.

Updated:  06/22/2019

Traveling and having the right information when you travel is the job of your Travel Agent.  DownTown Cyber has a primary TRAVEL COMPANY to help you with your travel needs.  Don't waste your time trying to determine what airlines, what hotels, what events are there at vacation locations.  Call Dennis at Easy Travel to take care of all of the details for you.

CALL (800) 936-1963 TODAY!!!

Update:  07/24/2019

I have added several categories to the Online Shopping section to help make it easier to find products and services.  A few of the new categories are:  Gadgets,  Honor Roll & Senior Citizens.  I also combined some categories, again to make it easier to find products.  Some of these changes were made to "Men's Fashions".  Here you will find Men's Fashions, Men's Accessories and Men's Health.  I did the same by adding a "Women's Fashions" category and placing links to "Women's Fashions", "Women's Accessories", "Women's Health", Jewelry and more.  We still have the separate categories as well but I hope these additions will make it easier to find categories that fit your needs.


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