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America, Home of the Free and Land of the Brave.  Brave is what we all need to be at this point in time due to the Chinese Corona Virus.  Americans need to show their solidarity and their consideration for all Americans by staying in doors and not socializing in any size group.  If you need to socialize then use your phone, call family and friends, the internetís social media, emails.  Another thing that many Americans can do is find those books in your home that you have been wanting to read and do thatÖ  Enjoy the books, TV programs, watch videos, listen to music or find a hobby that you can do at home without having to go out to buy something.  Fox News is the best TV News Program to get the latest and correct news.  You won't get the "Left Wings" version of what is going on in the U.S. and the world.


History is a good subject to pass the time by reading about America and all of the States and State Capitols.  Especially today, many young people do not know much about history and perhaps your parents have been too busy to guide you in learning history.  Now is the time to do just that.  You can also learn about Ancient History going as far back as, ďAlexander the GreatĒ or ďThe Great Roman EmpireĒ.  You can do this just by clicking on the Education Center right here in www.DownTownCyber.com  We have all of that history information available as well as NASA links and exploring the Universe.

  Another very important activity that you can do and something that you may have been putting off for a long time is exercise.  Yes, exercise.  That thing that you never have any time to do.  Well, you have the time now so why not do some exercises.  Start easy but go 5 to 10 minutes to 20 minutes with simple exercises to help stretch the mussels.  Do this 2 to 3 times a day and the more you do maybe you will loose some of that extra weight???  Why not try it.  Make sure you drink enough water as well.  Donít dehydrate yourself, that is not good for health.  
  Some tips you may want to do to prevent catching this virus is to wash your hands but also spray disinfectant spray around the area that you sit and clean the kitchen and bathrooms by using disinfectant cleaners.  If you donít have any disinfectant cleaners, donít go out to find some, because you will not find any.  It seems that is one of the items that many people purchased in vast quantities.  But cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms will still help.  If you have ammonia or alcohol at home use it to help clean the surfaces.  Bleach can be used but be careful with bleach.  It can be very unfriendly to many surfaces and change their color or even eat into some surfaces.  
  Special Note about MASKS.  You wonít find any surgical masks in the stores.  That is another item that was completely sold out in the stores.  However, if you have gauze pads or a cotton type material and some rubber bands or string you can make your mask.  Measure from ear to ear and then from the top tip of your nose to just under your chin.  That is the size of the mask.  Then take either the rubber bands or string and measure from the end of the mask to the back of your ear.  Attach the rubber band of the string to each side of the mask and try it on.  Adjust where ever needed.  You may need to use more than one gauze pad so use as many as you need.  It will depend on the size of the pads.  You donít need to throw away the mask after one use.  Just spray with the disinfectant spray both sides and save it for the next time you need to use it.  Masks can be reused as long as you donít get it dirty or soiled.  But remember to keep it disinfected.  

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